#WednesdayWisdom STOP

Do you ever take time to stop, breathe, relax and enjoy?


We’re in a reflective mood today here at ILU. Life is so busy, full of checklists, to dos, targets to meet. Emails to answer as quickly as possible, jobs to be done. Be seen to be ultra efficient and responsive, working round the clock. Every minute of the day to be filled. Iphones attached to our hands. By our bedside tables. On the dinner table. And it’s not just work. Even socially, the peer pressure is there. We need to be seen to be doing exciting things, filling our Facebook with travels, restaurants, parties, and friends. Beautiful things, beautiful places, we need to have been there, checked that. Somehow manage to do 25 things on Sunday. Managed to cook a roast dinner, clean the house, go for a run, take the kids to a museum and a party, and visit an elderly relative. Eat amazing meals, fit it 101 HIIT workouts, and 10 yoga classes. And if you haven’t…..you feel inadequate…right?

I hope not….Sometimes it’s good to stop. Take a moment to laugh, take a moment to play. To think about all the lovely things in your life. Your friends, your other half, your health, your children, your pets. That sunset. The stillness of that lake. The flames in the roaring fire. The scent of that relaxing candle.

Take time to enjoy life.

Be grateful.




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