Life’s Purpose #MarysMusings

The purpose of my life: 15 reasons

1. Return the love and care my family gave me in my younger years, especially in their older years.

2. Never lose hope.

3. Learn and reflect on all of life’s lessons.

4. Love and be loved.

5. ‘Make a Difference’ at work.

6. Travel without limits to discover other cultures.

7. Be the best version of me.

8. Be the best friend I can.

9. Be a role model for independent women to my nieces and my goddaughters.

10.  Appreciate the beauty of giving and receiving unconditional love from my fur babies.

11. Be entrepreneurial and enjoy it.

12. Never stop growing through education.

13. Eat my way around the world and share my love of food.

14. Work hard, measure my own success, stretch and learn.

15. Never, ever regret.


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