A good friendship is the greatest of all assets

“One conclusion was blatantly clear from my happiness research: everyone from contemporary scientists to ancient philosophers agrees that having strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness.” —The Happiness Project (NY Times Bestseller), by Gretchen Rubin.

In a world where depression, anxiety, stress, lack of purpose and fear of failure are more common than we’d care to admit, it remains true to me that one of the best remedies is friendship. I don’t know where I would be today without my friends, old and new, and the energy that they give me when things are feeling a little tough. I’m sure we’ve all experienced bad friendships in our lifetime. You know the ones. Where you walk away from a “catch-up” feeling more exhausted than a big workout at the gym or a long day in the office? The opposite can be said for good friends, those who lift you up when you’re down, make you laugh until your sides hurt and are quite literally worth their weight in gold.

Under the guiding belief that our friendships impact our health, immunity and stress levels, I hope that all of us women will invest equal amounts of time and energy into relational health and wellness as we do into other aspects of our lives. It’s so important but it’s not a one-way street. It takes effort, follow-through and time; a rare commodity in busy working lives, particularly with family responsibilities. But friendships are a key driver of happiness and deserving of any time you can spare. It’s not about quantity, but quality. Is there a friend you wondered about today, albeit briefly? Check in on them. Is there someone you love spending time with but you are always both so busy and months go by without even a chat? Get something in the diary- even if it’s a month from now. Don’t let life slip away and wonder what happened to that wonderful person you used to call a friend. A good friendship is the greatest of all assets. And you know who you are!


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