Why is clothing so important in fitness?

SO You’re going to sign up for a class, the gym or go running… you’re going to shape up and finally GET FIT!

Fabulous! But are you ready? Have you got everything you need? Trainers, yes, but have you thought about what to wear? It sounds silly, but what you are going to wear is VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t let anyone laugh at you for saying this. I have trained all my life and coached many, many ladies…I tell you, what you wear to workout matters!

Let me explain why….

1. Comfort
Have you ever done a sit up with the fastener in your bra digging into your back? Then you will know that the design of your clothing can make a difference!

A well-fitting sports bra with the right support is an essential for exercise. Whatever size you are, it’s important to protect your breasts and also for your own comfort.

All sorts of things can make your clothes uncomfortable including annoying tags, seams that dig in and fabrics that don’t stretch.

2. Mindset
Your workout gear can help put you in the right frame of mind for exercising. If you feel good in your clothes and look the part, you’ll be in the mood to workout!

This is really important if you are just starting out, lacking motivation or just don’t really enjoy exercising… anything that helps get you in the mood to workout has to be good!

If you only have clothes that you don’t like or make you feel uncomfortable, you may never be in the mood to exercise.

3. Functionality
First and foremost, sports clothing needs to be functional. The clothes you wear need to fit right and move with your body (to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions).

We have all seen leggings that become see-through when stretched, clothes that constantly need adjusting, hitching up, tucking in, the dreaded camel toe, bouncing boobies on jumping jacks or running machines or seams popping when you stretch!

You may think a baggy t-shirt and leggings will do the trick, but baggy tops don’t always work… try a press up in a baggy t-shirt and you will realise, it’s not always the best way to go!

Look Good – Feel Good – Do Good
I definitely believe this … When you feel good about yourself, that inner confidence boost will have a positive effect on your workout.

If you feel more confident and happy in yourself, this will motivate you to get to the gym and feel better about yourself while you are there… and you are more likely to keep going back! Let’s face it, if you don’t like the way you look or feel in your workout gear… will you be motivated to keep putting it on?

Wearing an outfit that flatters your figure even when you don’t feel ‘in shape’ can really affect how you feel about yourself.

The reasons I love ILU:

The vest tops are always so flattering on the tummy

The sports bras are lined, double layer or padded, comfortable and supportive

The leggings always fit well and stay in place, the material is not going to let you down when it’s stretched and the fit is always so flattering!

My ILU jacket I virtually live in! I wear it with leggings to the gym, but it also looks fab with my jeans if I’m out for the day!

You can choose your look to suit your workout and personality: ACTIVE range or CALM range

Julia x


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