Age is just a number

What is old?!

I just LOVE this video – what a lovely little reminder about how age or “getting old” is so much more a mindset than it is a reality.

Every year it actually gets more difficult to remember how old I am… A sign not of “old age” (I hope!) but more that I don’t give it that much thought. Who cares? It doesn’t define who I am. It doesn’t make me less able to do what I want, be who I want, enjoy life how I want. It doesn’t stop me from improving my health or wellbeing, achieving a new personal best or trying my hand at a new hobby. It doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals or approaching new challenges.

I started my business after a lengthy career in the corporate world as a city lawyer. I didn’t think for one moment “Am I too old to do this?” I just got on with it. “Better late than never” could never have been more fitting. When you’re success minded, age is not an issue. Henry Ford was 45 when the Ford T was birthed, Ronald Reagan 69 when he became president of the U.S and R.R Tolkien in his 60’s when the Lord of the Rings was published.

With age comes wisdom and a better understanding of what we want, what we will dedicate time to, and what we are happy to walk away from. With age comes a better understanding of what we won’t settle for and what makes us truly happy. It makes us more aware of possible mistakes as we’ve more than likely been there before. It makes us wiser and more aware of the need to live in the moment – or simply take pleasure in the finer things in life!

Don’t let age define you or hold you back from change or achievement. Age is just a number.


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