Successful plans for fat and weight loss are …

How clean is too clean?

Let’s keep things in perspective.

In a great article recently written by Sian Toal, ILU Ambassador, PT & lifestyle consultant, we read about the continuing and complex relationship between people and food, This has created a condition known as orthorexia, characterised by a fixation on righteous eating, eating only “pure” foods and trying to avoid contamination by food.

In the world of fitness, with all the rights and wrongs, the naming and shaming and the pressure and impacts of social media, it’s easy to get fixated on clean eating plans – often with little flexibility and often resulting in the elimination of whole food groups. This results in extreme moments of guilt or misery when we go “off plan”, which is inevitable at some point in time. No carbs? Ouch. No sugar? Eek. No diary? Oh dear. There goes my lovely eggs benedict & Saturday flat white ritual at my favourite café. FOR EVER.

Are we prepared to live this way long-term? Am I never allowed another flat white? For the love of god, will someone please think of the coffee!?!

As Sian says, the most successful plans for fat and weight loss are the ones where you have balance and the ability to make choices for yourself. Eat happy with lean proteins, healthy fats, unprocessed carbohydrates and lots of vegetables. Enjoy that glass of wine or bar of chocolate on occasion, or whatever you fancy. It won’t do you any harm and tomorrow you’ll simply slot back into your regular training and eating. Stop with the guilt, gain some perspective and stop obsessing. Think big picture.

Skipping meals and taking on fad diets will get you nowhere as they are not sustainable. The more you can teach yourself to make the right choices, the longer you will be able to keep it up and reach that holy grail of long term success.

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