Running Saved My Life

Tina Chantrey’s 3 tips to getting started

“Five years ago I separated, then divorced and became a single mum to a three, six and nine-year-old.

Running saved my life

If you are having your own difficult life experience it may save yours too.”

1 – The correct kit is essential!

The 2 most important items are good trainers and a sports bra.

Cheap trainers can lead to injury!!

2 – Start slow

Slower than you think is slow!

Power walk for 5-10 minutes to warm up, then jog between two lampposts followed by walking between the next two.

Gradually increase the distance you run, and eventually you won’t have to walk!

3 – Be kind to yourself

Don’t compare your running to anyone else’s!

Time / distance is irrelevant as your body becomes accustomed to running.

Your biggest competitor will always be yourself!

Tina x

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