The Morning Struggle

Are you a morning person or an evening person? I personally love to wake up early, particularly for a bit of light exercise like a walk with Oscar and to kick start my day on a good note. But in Winter? Even I struggle to believe that all you high-achieving-world-domination-types can bounce out of bed when it’s cold and dark outside.

Here’s a few tips from me to help get you up and at ’em!

1. Start easy.

Just get up a few minutes earlier each day. Setting that alarm back just 5 minutes every day will be much easier than a full hour earlier tomorrow.

2. Use peer pressure.

Organise a group run (check out running groups in London) or organise that PT session you never have time to do. You’ll hate me for it at 6am but will be glad you did it!

3. Engineer an easy wake-up environment.

Set your alarm across the room, pre-prep your coffee or keep the curtains open for natural light.

4. Motivate through reward.

Don’t like running? Don’t get up early for a run then! Do something you love, you’ll find the time for that run later. Get up for some yoga, something creative, some reading or beat the rush hour traffic and cycle to work.

5. Resist the snooze.

Apparently we can train our bodies and minds to go from night owl to morning person (hello productivity!) and a good start is not going back to sleep after you are woken the first time. Go figure. You are simply confusing your body. Let’s keep things simple.


And if all that fails, simply resort to cold showers or buy a dog. He or she will be kind enough to jump on you or lick you awake – snooze-proof – because they have simply decided they are a morning person!




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