London Lessons In Life

I saw a funny article about living in London the other day and had a bit of a giggle, remembering observant comments made by friends or family visiting this great city I call home when I responded with “that’s SO London.” What are the peculiar life lessons you learn from living in London?

Here are a few of my own and I’d love your comments on more! Mx


Life lessons you learn from living in London

  • Shoving people in the back or a bit of directive elbowing is completely acceptable behaviour. This translates as “Why, hello there. Mind if I also hop on this tube?”
    Cancelling plans is fine, but be prepared to wait at least 6 weeks until they have an opening again.
  • The worst thing that can possibly happen is a 5 minute wait between tubes. WHAT? Are we living in the countryside!? I don’t have 5 minutes, I have things to do!! Yet, it’s perfectly acceptable to wait an hour for a table at that cool new Soho pop up.
  • Walking… you call that WALKING? You may as well be LYING DOWN. PLEASE get a move on. You can always walk faster. Always.
  • It’s NOT OK to stand on the left hand side of tube escalators. MOVE! Don’t they realise you have better things to do than wait and that climbing up escalators keeps you fit??
  • You know exactly which tube carriage stops closest to the exit and you stride along the platform to get to that one. It will save you 10 seconds! YES!
  • Huge groups of Italian school children only appear to travel during rush hour.
  • Yoga is possibly the only thing stopping you from morphing into the devil. But you may already have morphed into the devil on your way there on TFL.
  • Someone is always eating a better, more photogenic brunch than you.
  • Despite a population of 6 million, you can guarantee you’ll bump into your ex that one morning, on that one tube, in that one carriage.
  • Uber surge pricing is most certainly going to send you bankrupt.
  • You feel ridiculously smug when the tube doors open where you’re standing. NAILED IT.
  • If you’re bored it’s your own fault. There are literally 1,345 new things to do in London this Saturday morning.
  • People who live in Guildford seem to have a quicker commute than those who live in Richmond. Also, the Waterloo and City Line during peak hour is actual hell on earth.
  • You suddenly have an intense hatred of tourists, accents, map-readers and PDA. No time for that nonsense.
  • Getting anywhere takes an hour. Whereever you are and wherever you’re going.
  • Thursday is the new Friday. Wednesday is occasionally the new Thursday. Sometimes Tuesday works too. But not Friday. FriYAY is all about #netflixandchill.
  • Infernos is never a good choice.
  • Friendships are sacred until that person moves to zone 5.
  • You’re never cool enough to go out in Dalston.
  • It’s completely acceptable for a Londoner to slag off London but don’t even dare if you don’t live here.
  • FOMO becomes a crippling anxiety. Hot tub cinema? Cat Café? Hidden supper club behind a bookcase under a stairwell!? WHY IS THERE ALWAYS SOMETHING HAPPENING??
  • Playing death-chicken with traffic will become your sport of choice.
  • Suns-out, guns-out. Like the Brazilians, you will no longer be self-conscious about your curves when the sun makes its 7 minute appearance in March.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog 🙂

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