Keep Calm. Don¹t Over-Bake. Do What Makes You Happy

Jo, ILU’s Marketing Manager gives us an update on her upcoming wedding:

“In terms of majority, I’m a bit late to marriage. Maybe this has brought a totally different approach to our ‘big day’.  Or maybe it’s just my approach to life in general

To paint the picture: I’ve never been to the chapel we are getting married in. I have given my friends free reign for their readings. My bridesmaids chose to wear casual jumpsuits. I am having dried wheat and feathers for a bouquet. ‘The dress’ hasn’t been the focal point and hasn’t caused anxt. There will be no ‘traditions’ – no cake, no speeches, no first dance.

Just us taking our vows, our friends and family (all 130 of them) witnessing our union, then we’ll be heading straight to a bar in London to drink wine and celebrate the night away. To celebrate our love.

Because generally I like to stop. Break it down. Assess what is important. What is priority
… And this is what ‘our day’ looks like.

So my musing for this week is ‘why do we make things harder for ourselves’?  And why are we dictated to by perception / expectations?

The philosophy:

Keep Calm. Don’t Over-Bake
Do What Makes You Happy”

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