Finding Your ILU Colour Warm vs Cool

Want to look fabulous as you keep fit?
Wearing the right colour will make you look healthy and vibrant!

Here are a few tips from Donna Blower,Colour Consultant, to help you feel more confident as you work out:

Cool Skin Tones

Pink and blue skin tones will benefit from cool colours such as a pop of blue.
Perfect for complementing your skin & hair colour
Mix it with charcoal, light grey & black

Warm Skin Tones

Skin with golden undertones will benefit from a warm colour such as a pop of yellow

Perfect for giving a bit of oomph to black and white


Charcoal suits everyone. It’s less harsh than black but bolder than white.
There are lots of exciting designs to choose from including the ILU signature pattern

Donna Blower, colour consultant,  


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