40 things to-do by 40

In today’s blog Mary CEO of ILU Fitwear shares her 40 things to-do by 40!



  1. Drastically re-invent your look (at least once)
  2. Own a dog
  3. Go to a music festival (2017 is the last ever year of Secret Garden Party)
  4. Enjoy that expensive bottle of wine without looking at the price tag
  5. Go to the races and bet on a horse
  6. Sit outside a coffee shop in Italy and watch the world go by
  7. Take a long hike (3 weeks on the Great Wall of China isn’t for everyone, but how about Mount Snowden?)
  8. Go skinny dipping
  9. Live abroad (between the ILU team we have lived in Australia, Japan and Dubai) and all rave about our experiences
  10. Treat yourself to that expensive mascara (YSL fans over here)
  11. Go to the theatre (Les Mis is still a fave)
  12. Wear a red dress and red lipstick and go to a ball
  13. Start a water fight
  14. Go on a yoga retreat (we love YogaFit Ibiza)
  15. Watch the Ballet (Romeo and Juliet is a firm fave)
  16. Dip your toe into ‘backpacker life’ and visit Khoa San Road in Bangkok
  17. Own at least one pair of expensive designer shoes
  18. Visit the desert and stop at a majlis
  19. Watch a movie under the stars
  20. Eat frogs legs in Paris
  21. Dance all night in a club
  22. Skydive (I can highly recommend Lake Taupo in NZ or jumping out over the Palm in Dubai)
  23. Try pole dancing (it is much harder than it looks)
  24. Fly in a helicopter
  25. Run for charity (the ladies you meet and their stories will humble you. If the marathon’s too much – how about a 5k?)
  26. Take Afternoon Tea (I love the Bingham Hotel in Richmond)
  27. Scuba dive
  28. Try white water rafting
  29. Ride round Rome on a Vespa
  30. Go to a casino in Las Vegas
  31. Take a walk through London’s Richmond Park or drive aimlessly until you find the perfect picnic spot
  32. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
  33. Go skiing or snowboarding – and make a snow angel
  34. Have a tattoo (semi perm make-up classifies as a tattoo… we’re looking good in the office with brows and eye-liner on fleek every day)
  35. Have a food fight
  36. Go to an art class and draw a naked person
  37. Clear out your wardrobe with the objective to donate 5 sacks full to charity
  38. Go to a sports game and loudly cheer on your team
  39. Learn a new trick (I’m signing up to aerial silks as we speak)
  40. Visit the Maldives and stay in a bungalow on stilts in the sea

What are your top things to do before 40?

I would love to hear yours  @ilufitwear


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