3 Quick Diet Tips

Check out these 3 quick diet tips from Julia Hubbard:

1. Drink Up

Often we mistake thirst for hunger. So make sure you drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated, as it may help avoid over snacking.

Your skin will thank you for it too!

2. Avoid Fad Diets

Avoid quick fix low calorie diets. They may give you rapid weight loss at first but it’s usually short lived. Any diet that’s too restricted you can’t stick to for long and usually leads to rapid weight gain after.

Aim for a steady weight loss of a pound or 2 a week.
Eating too little can slow your body’s metabolism and make it more difficult to lose weight long-term.

3. Eat Natural

Switching from processed / fast foods to natural whole foods and avoiding artificial sweeteners can really help your figure!

Watch out for low fat labelled foods, usually they are even more processed. Switch fizzy drinks for water and juice. Aim for plenty of protein (eggs, fish, meat or vegetarian proteins) lots of veg and fruit and some moderate natural carbs like oats, rice, sweet and white potato.

Julia Hubbard
Athletics Masters Competitor
Current World Champion Bikini Pro
with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation

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