10 Tips For Staying Motivated

So you set a New Year’s Resolution: get FIT, HEALTHY or LOSE WEIGHT / tone up… But a couple of months down the line you’re struggling …and the resolution is dropping by the wayside…HELP!

DON’T WORRY! You’re not alone and all is not lost. Don’t wait for next year to re-start… get back on track with your goals today! Here are some tips to boost your motivation and help you get back on it!

1. Put it on paper

Remember why you started in the first place… write down all the reasons you started and any new goals you have made in a journal. You are much more likely to stick to your goals if you commit them to paper, then, keep a workout log so at the end of each week or month you can see how well you have stuck to your programme.

2. Set Goals

These can be short term e.g. complete 3 workouts this week, or run a certain distance, or they can be bigger goals e.g. to enter a fun run, obstacle race or drop a dress size for a big event. And, when you hit your goals, set some new ones, so you always have something to work towards.

3. Be Prepared

If you are a morning person, get your kit ready by the bed so as soon as you wake up its all ready for you to get up and go. If you work out at lunchtime or after work, again the night before, get everything packed ready so if you are running late in the morning, your kit bag is already waiting for you. (No Excuses)!!


4. Schedule it

Schedule your workouts into your calendar or diary a week in advance, you are more likely to stick to something planned. Make it realistic – the biggest reason people give up is they try and do too much too soon, then give up when they can’t stick to it.

5. Do something different

If you’re not not enjoying your workout, maybe something needs to change. Find a new class, switch gyms, join a running club or a netball club, think of something you might enjoy and give it a try and if you don’t like it, don’t give up… just look for something else until you find the thing you like!

Pole dance, burlesque, wall climbing, circus skills, aerial, martial arts, dance classes, swimming….. you don’t have to just slog it out at the gym, try something really different or you have always fancied doing- if you are having fun, you won’t even realise you are working out!


6. Be Flexible

If you find you are constantly missing a certain day / class… look at why? Is it unrealistic time / place? Do you not enjoy it? Look for a solution- is there another day / time you could work out that fits your schedule better so you are more likely to stick to it?

If you can’t do your usual session one day, just try and do something else instead. Head out for a walk if you can’t get to the gym – this will keep your activity levels up until you can get back to your usual routine.

7. Make it Social

Find some friends who also want to work out and arrange to meet them for your run, class or gym session, your commitment to not letting your friend down is a great motivator.

If you always workout on your own think about joining a class or a running group for extra motivation, to meet new people and it can be fun while pushing you to work out a bit harder. Booking in advance and putting it in your diary can help!


8. Not making progress?

Are you measuring progress and recording it in a journal? If you don’t record your workouts, you might forget how much stronger, or quicker you have become. If your goals are to change body shape, take some pictures and every month, take a new pic and if you have been consistently working hard you should see progress.

9. Hire a trainer

So, you’re not making progress, bored, stuck in a rut or just hit a plateau… it might be the time to call in an expert. Hiring a trainer for a one off to get some new ideas or to have a programme written out for you might just get you motivated again.

10. Reward yourself

Set yourself a reward for completing all your workouts in a week / month or for hitting your goals. For example treating yourself to new workout wear because you have proven how committed you can be! It’s worth investing in some nice new gym gear so you feel fab whilst working out!


Julia Hubbard x

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