10 Beautiful Places

Jo, Ilu’s Marketing Manager is a keen traveller. So we asked her for her top 10 beautiful places….

“Do I really have to pick only 10??”

Ibiza – Pop over to the west coast for the most beautiful sunset

Laos – The most beautifully humble people I’ve ever met

Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil – The most beautiful food

Seychelles – Wading out to the most beautiful little island (although not so beautiful fish territorially pecking at your legs on the way)

Argentina’s border has the most beautiful view of Iguazu Falls

Lebanon – skiing with a beautiful sea-view

Venice (cliché I know) – but I seriously believe it is still the most beautiful European city

Dubai – skydiving over Dubai’s beautiful cityscape and the palm

Bay of Islands, New Zealand – where the dolphins chase and play around your boat

China – the rolling canopy views from the Great Wall are seriously beautiful

Where is your favourite place in the world? Share with us @ilufitwear

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